Curtain Fabric As Wall Decoration

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While most often considered as window coverings, curtains usually are not simply for windows. They come in many various materials and models great for a lot of decorating projects and can contribute color and life to the space or thing: use them to conceal wall imperfections, dress up furnishings, and produce beautiful art pieces.

Framed Art

Designer and vintage curtain fabrics oftentimes are available in gorgeous/mod/fun patterns and are best as framed art. I have several embroidery hoops in sizes that are different that I used during my cross-stitching days. Rather than making them idle in a corner, I used them to frame a floral patterned designer curtain fabric that I want on display. This is a really simple approach and essentially, you simply should eliminate a round of a sturdy material the dimensions of the interior on the hoop to use as backing, find the centerpiece of the fabric you would like to display, attach it with regard to the backing and placed it into the hoop.

Canvas Art

You can additionally use stretcher canvas as your backing. It is found at art and craft stores in a wide variety of sizes. Cut the fabric with a couple of inches allowance and secure it nicely on the back and have a staple gun. Instant wall decor!

Bulletin Board

If you have an old cork board left standing unused, dress it up with your fave curtain fabric design to make it much more seductive. Tightly and carefully tack (or staple) the cloth in the back and you’re prepared to pin photos, notes and your kids’ artwork. It’s likewise a fantastic spot to post menus and shopping lists.


For a fairly easy curtain fabric “headboard”, fix a curtain rod (the same width as the bed) several inches above the head of the bed and just hang your curtain. Softness is added by it to the room and also offers the impression of a window behind the bed. For a quick “real” custom headboard, stretch fabric pieces over a big canvas the breadth of the foundation. Pull the fabric taut and staple firmly at the back then place it up behind the understructure.

Wall “Stickers”

Come up with a fabric version of the ever popular wall stickers by cutting out shapes of the clothing (they can be easy, like circles in different sizes of the shoes, or perhaps more complicated, like animal shapes, etc.), apply fabric stiffener (like the appropriately called Stiffen Stuff) on the parts, let dry looking as well as affix to the structure.

These’re only a few simple ideas to help you started. When you finally start playing with fabric, it’s hard to stop! And also if Curtain Fabrics are the type who’s handy with a needle and thread (I’m not), the sky is considered the cap!

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