Rolf Harris Art Tour Continues

Art enthusiasts have actually been able to indulge their love for Rolf Harris as his last week was continued by national tour.

The Australian entertainment legend was at the Whitewall Gallery in Bournemouth on June 11th to promote his’ A Life in Art’ convention, which showcased a selection of limited edition Rolf Harris prints.

Rolf’s national tour is in celebration of his 80th year and he clarified that his life expectancy and enduring popularity was right down to the basic fact that he really appreciated the career of his as an artist and entertainer.

He told the Bournemouth Echo: “I guess it is everything down to doing something that you love to do as well as getting paid to do it.”

The next stop on the British tour was Wales where Rolf came to the Blue Dot Gallery in St David’s shopping centre in Cardiff.

Rolf has a psychological association to the nation through his Welsh wife Alwen and family ties in Merthyr Tydfil in which the dad of his and uncle emigrated from.

The artist revealed that he likes meeting art fans who have come from across the United Kingdom to view Rolf Harris prints and find out more about the artwork on display.

He told Wales Online: “You find themselves going along to these exhibitions and you do not even manage to have round the paintings, there are plenty of individuals coming a maximum of you and seeking your autograph and planning to discuss the work, it is nice.”

Rolf’s Welsh adventure carried on as he followed up the Cardiff function with a date in Swansea at the Ice House where Rolf Harris prints happened to be ranging in value from fifty five to 1,295.

Harris claimed he thought his exhibitions appealed to individuals as they included a range of topics.

He told Wales Online: “You’ve got brush scenes from Australia, research from time we invested in South Africa last year, a fantastic volume of work, and that is a lot more engaging for nearly all men and women I feel. I’ll try to paint whatever catches my attention really.”

Rolf is taking the tour of his to High Wycombe where he is going to exhibit at the Whitehall gallery on June 19th.

Gallery manager Lotte Pedersen-Hill told the Bucks Free Press that she was excited to get Rolf Harris prints on screen as they’ve previously moved men and women to tears.

She said: “The technical make up of his work is amazing. I have observed someone stand and cry at his employment since they like it so much.”

Tennis fans attending Wimbledon’this year is going to be able to watch a Rolf Harris portrait of his 10 favorite tournament champions.
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