Swimming With The Sharks – Tips For Safe Shark Cage Diving

In some far off exotic, crystal clear, ocean your name is now being called. Are available for an exciting, adventurous dive! It is the kind of vacation most are too terrified to dare.

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I am dealing with a shark dive. It may seem frightening and outrageous at first, but there’s lots you can do to make sure a protected dive.

To begin with, a scheduled shark dive will constantly be with a qualified and trained crew. They will operate a boat with the proper facilities and tools.

But do not merely select a company at random. Be sure you seek information first.

Things to consider…

1. Just how long has the organization been around? Has the organization been in business just some months, a few years or even more? Experience shows you that the business almost certainly has a program in place for emergencies.

2. What’s the company’s reputation? Wonderful things for this is worked by google. Do they’ve difficulties with trying to keep appointments? Do they have a very good safety track record?

3. Where do they operate and are they close to support? Needless to say if you’re on holiday you’ll most likely want to go someplace you will enjoy. You not just have to make sure they can run near there, but that they also have an option to support if something should happen.

4. Is the crew qualified? Do they’ve solid experience? Are they medically trained? Do they have qualified dive masters on board? Could they be correctly licensed? Do they have liability insurance or maybe some other sort of bonding which could be needed in their region?

5. What type of devices do they operate? Most will run a boat and a shark cage. What size is the cage and how current old is it? What kind of amenities do they supply onboard the boat? Do they provide enough wet suits to comfortably fit your party?

6. What sort of photography do they allow? A number of companies are going to handle photography for you, others can have a place where by you are able to take some yourself. Make certain this suits your style. If you’ll be entering into the water you will not only want an underwater camera however, you’ll likely choose to transport a friend that may sit above and get pictures from the surface also. Sharks usually be surface area feeders so you’ll get a whole lot of excellent pictures from above.

7. What are their rates? Are their rates inexpensive and competitive? I have seen charges vary from just a few 100 1 day to several 1000 a day depending on the scale and quality of the encounter.


They’ll know where you can go and how to grab the sharks attention. When you reach your destination make sure you stick to any instructions you are granted. Keep the weather conditions in mind too, sudden shifts in the weather conditions is able to generate diving risky and may preclude you from being in a position to begin your scheduled day.

Almost all locations are going to run through a simple training course along with you in case you are about to dive. This will likely discuss just how the breathing apparatus operates and some basic information about shark behavior. Some locations may require you be a qualified scuba diver, that see to it that you obtain that beforehand and assure that you meet the qualifications as necessary.

After you do go underwater you’ll remain in for an event few will suffer. But exercise some common sense as well. Don’t poke or perhaps grab approaching sharks. Once the shark is swimming beside the cage you are able to at times reach out and pet it, but be cautious and keep your hands and feet inside the cage each time you’re unsure.

But many of all… have fun! As soon as you get relaxed you will start running more fun.

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